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The Nissan Rogue Sport Will Get You There

The 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport SV—the .5 denotes a mid-year upgrade with more safety features; the 2019 model is basically the same—is a tweener that slots between the Kicks and the regular Rogue in Nissan’s lineup. As such, it doesn’t really have a direct competitor, instead looking to capture people who might think the subcompacts […]


10 Uses of Technology in 21st Century Jobs

Technology has boomed beyond belief within the past 10 years and has taken over various industries and workplaces. It is a must learn skill now with a wide variety of subcategories. echnology has evolved and shaped our workplaces in many ways, through the adoption of tools like the internet and email for communications, word processing, […]


6 Ways Retailers Can Hold Their Own in the Microbrand Revolution

The holiday shopping season is kicking off! It is only a matter of time before carols and bright lights greet us in malls and shopping centers. One popular item on many of this year’s wish lists is the Velvet Lip Kit. To fulfill this particular wish, givers can skip the crowds and the checkout lines. […]


5 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Any Industry

If you’ve been following the news on exciting tech trends like artificial intelligence, then you’re probably aware that emerging technologies are changing the way we work and interact with others. In fact, with things like machine learning and touch commerce becoming increasingly popular across every industry from banking to healthcare, technology is revolutionizing the way […]


Top 7 Retail Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

1. Cyber Security The world of digital is fundamentally changing the security landscape. The rapid expansion of emerging technologies that enable digital capabilities and provide on-demand services is adding to the security risks that threaten retailers’ businesses. Cloud and mobility adoption means that almost 50 percent of most organizations’ IT landscapes exist outside the control […]


Five Ways Technology Is Changing Learning and Development

Technology is fundamentally shaping the way organisations learn… Thanks to the development of various e-learning technologies, online learning has become a reality. This makes carrying out continuing professional development (CPD) absolutely vital for L&D practitioners who want to keep their skills relevant. We spoke to Watson Martin Partnership, a leading provider of professional qualifications, to […]


4 Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Year over year, we see the numbers. In 2017, e-commerce represented 49 percent of all total retail growth, up 16 percent from the previous year. If this year’s US$119.99 billion holiday shopping season spend indicates anything, it’s that 2018 is projected to be yet another banner year for commerce. It’s hard to predict exactly what’s […]